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GloryholeSwallow Paulina B 2nd glory hole Visit

78% 92 Rates
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    Added: 9 months ago

    GloryholeSwallow Paulina B 2nd glory hole Visit

    She back

    This babe has some of the best Dick Sucking Lips I’ve seen so far.

    Most Latina’s have great lips but these ones are made for sucking cock and she was blessed with an amazing hoover mouth.

    The members gave her a great star rating on her first visit so she qualified for a return visit so here she is getting fed one more time.

    She swallowed a lot of cum this time around and a few guys barely made it past her warm-up before filling her soft mouth with jizz.

    There are a few guys who you’ll wonder how they managed to last as long as they did.

    I bet they were heaven and hanging on for dear life the entire time.

    She’s a sucking machine who was determined to get more loads this time around and that’s exactly what she did. It’s great when they set cum swallow goals for themselves!

    Back by popular demand! Enjoy and have a great weekend…


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